Appraisal for less than $200 – Restricted Appraisal Report in Dallas Texas

By eliminating the site visit, time to measure, time to photograph, and time record the information about your property, we save time and that can save you money!!

Can you?

  • answer a few questions about the house
  • provide recent photos of the inside and outside of the dwelling
  • provide documents you have about the property such as a survey or prior appraisal
  • provide a list of updates
  • Are you confident that the square footage of the house is reasonably accurate?
If you answered yes to the questions above, an appraiser can perform a desktop appraisal based on the information you provide, along with information available in public records, the local MLS, and the appraiser’s experience.


We can provide you an accurate value at a cost that is less than a typical appraisal

What is included?
  • A signed restricted appraisal as of the effective date of your choosing
  • A sales grid showing at least 3 comparable sales
  • A description of your subdivision/neighborhood
  • A summary of the sales in your subdivision/neighborhood in the past 12 months
    with a brief explanation as to why your house is similar or dissimilar
  • A summary of the sales considered the most similar
  • Estimated Market Value or Value Range based on the Sales Comparison Approach
  • A brief explanantion of how the property was reconciled
  • An accurate appraiser’s opinion of value at an affordable cost
What is NOT included?
  • Photos of the subject property or comparables
  • Specific details about the overall condition or features
    (You already know what your house looks like, you don’t need the photos again)
  • A sketch of the property  – (The appraiser will not visit the property)
  • The Income Approach or Cost Approach to value
  • Statistics and graphs
Banks, homeowners, Realtors, Investors …
  • Curious about your home’s value but are getting conflicted answers online?
  • Unable to decide on a reasonable list price?
  • Your home has been listed for a while and is not selling.
  • Buying a house for cash and want to make sure you’re paying market price?
  • Considering selling a house to a tenant or buying your house from the landlord?
  • Considering doing some remodeling and want to know what it would be worth after the repairs?~ Agents —> Do you want to avoid an appraisal surprise?

Save time by pricing your property right or making sure your buyers are getting the right price.