Appraisal for less than $200 – Restricted Appraisal Report in Dallas Texas

By eliminating the site visit, time to measure, time to photograph, and time record the information about your property, we save time and that can save you money!! Can you? answer a few questions about the house provide recent photos of the inside and outside of the dwelling provide documents you have about the property

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Home Measurement

Tax Records are rarely correct and to accurately determine the value of your home you need to know the true square footage. offers a competitively priced home measurement service starting at $150 which includes the dwelling as well as all attached or detached garages and most outbuildings such as guest houses or metal buildings.

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Divorce Settlement ? What To Do When Property Is Involved.

If you are having an appraisal done for a property division of marital assets, it is very important to hire a local real estate appraiser experienced in conducting marriage dissolution appraisals.

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An Appraiser Can Help With Probate Estate Settlement

The most reliable home valuation or opinion of value, will come from a formal appraisal, conducted by us. We are very familiar and experienced with estate appraisals.

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Property Taxes – Is It Possible To Trim Your Property Tax Bill?

If you suspect your property taxes are too high or that your home is worth less than its assessed value, you may want to consider appealing your property taxes. We have extensive experience helping homeowners appeal their property taxes.

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Selling your home? What You Should Know Before Contacting A Realtor

Sellers that have an appraisal before they put their home up for sale are in a better position to negotiate with prospective buyers. There are two reasons properties don’t sell… PRICE or CONDITION.

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Buying A House? Make Sure You Are Paying Fair Market Value!

Before you sign on the dotted line to purchase any property, an independent appraisal by us is key to knowing the current market value of the home you’re interested in purchasing.

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We provide local real estate appraisal services. We are FHA approved and have experience with all lending purposes. We can deliver UAD compliant reports in XML format if needed.

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Filing for Bankruptcy? What Homeowners Should Know When Filing for Bankruptcy…

If you are having to file for bankruptcy and your home is part of the equation, it is truly in your best interest to hire us. We have experience with bankruptcy home appraisals in our area.

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Appraisals for Real Estate Professionals

We can get you out of the hot seat with some of your difficult sellers. Sometimes your idea of what a property is worth and the homeowners don’t coincide. In some cases, getting an appraisal may help with certain clients when pricing is an issue.

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